My Antonia Religious Differences

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Religious Differences in My Antonia During the nineteenth century many Bohemian immigrants left their homelands in search of a sustainable life, and to be able to survive with their families. The Catholics and the Protestants/ Lutherans showed many differences between the two religions, and this caused many issues in many communities. At this time in the nineteenth century the Protestants/ Lutherans made up the majority of the citizens in the United States, which proved to cause religious differences with the Catholics because of their different ways of practicing their religion. Between the two religions many disagreements have come from certain topics in their religions. For the Catholics they believed suicide was sinful to god. They …show more content…

742). Purgatory was contemplated to be a horrible place where souls were tortured until their families prayed for their soul. One-way Catholics helped someone’s soul in purgatory was by praying for forgiveness from God. In My Antonia Jake Marpole states that, “ it would be a matter of years of constant praying to be able to get his soul out of Purgatory, and right now he is in torment” (Cather, XIV, 82). Jake Marpole believes that Mr. Shimerda’s soul will suffer in Purgatory in order to pay for his sin of committing suicide. This shows how in My Antonia the Catholic faith believed that if one were to commit such a great sin against God, he would have to pay for his sin in Purgatory. They believe that Mr. Shimerda’s soul would be suffering for years before God would forgive him of his sinful way. In the article “Religion and Suicide” the authors write that in the Protestant/ Lutheran faith they believe that there is no such place called Purgatory. In the Protestant/ Lutheran faith they believe when someone commits suicide their soul, “will begin a new life beyond the tomb” (Doyle, Rushing, and Stark, p. 121). For certain Protestants/ Lutherans they consider if someone killed them self it was a final plea for help. In My Antonia Jim says, “It flashed upon me that if Mr. Shimerda’s soul were lingering about in our house”

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