My Autoethnography Of Selfie

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Autoethnography Essay

Ysabel Anne Aluquin (z5146099)

According to the Oxford Dictionary, selfie can be defined as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself” (selfie, 2017). However, according to Rettberg, selfies are so much more than just a photograph on the Internet, they are a form of digital self-representation (Rettberg, 2014). I still remember the very first selfie I took, with the back camera of an old Nokia phone. This was before the invention of the front-facing camera and in comparison, I must say that my selfie skills have most definitely improved. Just like with age, my selfies have evolved over time and in this autoethnography, I will be looking at three different selfies from three different points in my life and examining how they represented me in those different moments. This essay will touch mainly on how my selfies represent my gender and sexuality and how over time I had learned to embrace both aspects of myself. I will start off by presenting a selfie from 2012, which was taken during one of my more awkward stages in life when I was studying in an all-girls Catholic high school.

This first selfie was my Facebook profile picture for a while. At this time, I was halfway through high school and was slowly, but steadily, coming out of a very awkward stage. The thing about being in all-girls school is that there were only two main ways to be yourself. This is because we all wore the same uniform and did not have the freedom to express

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