My Best Friend

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The ability to see the humorous appeal in every situation is a rare quality not many of us have, but she undoubtedly has it. It’s a gloomy Sunday morning on the Upper West Side and as I arrive at our favorite diner, I see her through the glass window, sitting by herself while sipping on a cup of coffee. A wide smile appears across her face once she notices that I am looking at her. It’s my childhood best friend, Michelle Driscoll.

‘’You’re 8 minutes late!’’ said my best friend Michelle who’s meticulous on time. I sat down on the opposing side of the booth from her, as we both laughed because she knows I’m incapable of waking up on time in the morning.

It was our usual weekend routine, breakfast at Metro diner, but this time it was starkly different. It was our last Sunday breakfast until who knows how long. Tomorrow, Michelle would pack up her bags and leave the only home she’s ever known, New York City. A bittersweet breakfast, indeed. We would be a coast away from each other, perhaps permanently, but for now Los Angeles was her calling and there was absolutely no one who could get in the pursuit of her dreams.

‘’She’ll have a coffee. Milk and two brown sugars please,’’ Michelle told the waiter, an indication of how well she knows me.

Michelle had a tough upbringing, although it shaped her into the person she is today. Her parents ended in a brutal divorce, and could never quite figure out how to put their differences aside for the sake of her. Michelle, the wickedly

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