My Book Hunting Experience On The Internet

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In the second decade of the 21st century, cultural diversity has become an incredibly popular idea. The awareness of cultural diversity has integrated its way into all aspects of American society. America is one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world, containing a multitude of different ethnic and cultural groups. Though, success looks different to us all, some studies suggest that literacy skills are vital for cultivating a fruitful society. Children learn best when they can identify with the literature they are reading. The relevancy of the character’s, plot, and setting are especially important to early learners, thru literature they begin to absorb the world around them. That is why we must expose early learners to…show more content…
I wanted a book that did not feature just one specific group of people so, I decided to return to the web and narrow my search. I came across a book written by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith titled, The Great Big Book of Families, it was published in the UK in 2010. Next, I previewed the book online to determine if it was a quality text. Then, I researched where I could find a hard copy of the book. I located a copy of the book at Barnes and Nobel. After viewing the book in person, I decided to buy it for my own children’s book collection. The book is about how different families live, and features vivid illustrations to accompany the text. The book begins with “Once upon a time most families in books looked like this- But in real life, families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.” (p. 6). The illustration depicted your typical heteronormative, Caucasian nucleus, containing a dad, mom, brother, sister, dog and cat. They live in a cottage style home with a white picket fence. The text at the bottom of the illustration read, “In this book are a lot of families living in different ways. Perhaps there’s one that looks like yours” (p.7). This hooked me, I wanted to turn the page. The book featured several types of families’ including, single parent families, adoption, and same sex parents, to name a few. It also introduced different ways families live, work, go to school, and celebrate special occasions. I was surprised to
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