My Childhood During The Dust Bowl

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Genesis Suarez
ENGL100-BL3, Essay #2 outline
Professor Cute
October 29, 2015

My childhood during the dust bowl in 1931, wasn’t as joyful and fun as the childhood kids, have these days. I’m showing and informing you, my daughter, what the life of the dust bowl was like through the eyes of a child, and how my life was influenced greatly. I’ve witnessed and experienced my family slowly falling apart and all my parents’ hard work get taken away in heartbeat. I had no control over this and it affected my life significantly. Even though people who were alive during the dust bowl were greatly affected, the ones who were drastically affected were the children. We experienced our families hard work vanish in a heartbeat, we were psychologically, mentally, and emotionally affected and experienced our families fall apart.
Families during the dust bowl suffered from not having enough money to support their families. I would watch grandma and grandpa struggle everyday, but they would always manage to keep a smile on their face for uncle Joe and I. The families then, didn’t make enough money to put food on the table for themselves let alone their family. Which then would have the kids like me; go to bed starving and without being fed. Which affected a lot of the children psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. NO matter how hard grandma and grandpa tried, it just wasn’t enough back then. We saw them not being able to provide for our family. I would see some of the children drink

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