My Chosen Cosmetology As My Research Career

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Introduction I have chosen cosmetology as my research career. This career particularly interest me because it is something I would like to do with my life. I feel this career is filled with opportunities that can be very beneficial to me financially and emotionally. One specific goal I have in my life is to one day open my own salon. Career information Cosmetology is a very popular career because woman and men can be very self-conscious of their looks and their specific flaws, therefore, cosmetologists strive to enhance those flaws and make their clients look their best. As a licensed cosmetologist, they must know and understand how different chemicals react to hair and they have certain duties that are incased in this career. Some of …show more content…

I feel if my beautician constantly asked me what I wanted I would lose confidence in their abilities, and be scared for my life. Cosmetologist do work long days and long hours, so it can be very tiring and stressing on your body. To prevent bad health issues such as back problems, carpal tunnel, and feet problems, it is key to keep proper posture when working and wear shoes with good support. I don’t know about you but if I was a client, I wouldn’t want to be sitting in my beautician’s garbage and last client’s leftover hair. So, if you want to keep your job, keep your area tidy and as professional as possible. Another good skill to obtain, is creativity. Clients love when their hair dresser is already up to date with the latest cuts and styles. Lastly, the most important skill to have is time management. If you’re good at what you do, then you will gain clientele fast. That means you can’t spend all day on just one client. Get the job done in efficient time so you can keep up that clientele. There are many salons out there and many popular cosmetologists. Along with popularity, comes major money. No matter what field of cosmetology you enter, you’ll be paid more than the average minimum wage. This payment ratio is anywhere between 10-16 dollars an hour! If you are working for five days a week with an 8 hour shift, that can add up fast and make you very prosperous. This isn’t even including all the tips

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