Essay on My Clinical Experience: The Good and the Bad

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This semester, I have been observing and teaching social science classes at Cuba Senior High School. The school has a very friendly atmosphere, and I felt very welcome from the moment that I entered the building. The faculty and staff are very committed to the education of the approximately 152 students in the building treat each other with respect. In fact, on my first day; which was a teacher institute day; they welcomed the three student teachers across the district into the Cuba School district family. Essentially, I was mentored by all of the staff and faculty in the school as they all offered me suggestions and advice at various points throughout the semester; however, there were my two main cooperating teachers. The …show more content…

There were times were times when I questioned my decision to become a teacher. I began to doubt my abilities; however, reflecting now, I am more dedicated and passionate about teaching. I cannot think of anything that I would like to do more. I have improved greatly throughout the course of this experience in many aspects. I started the experience really nervous; and for the first few weeks after I began to take control of classes, I taught Mr. Brewer’s and Mr. Craig’s lessons verbatim word for word from their lesson plans or created lesson plans that were very similar to them. This gradually changed throughout the course of my clinical experience; and towards the end, I began to teach lessons that were uniquely mine. I started to plan and teach lessons that incorporated a lot more of my style and personality than the lessons that Mr. Brewer and Mr. Craig had; including lessons that Mr. Brewer had decided to steal for future years. At the end of the semester, I had convinced Mr. Craig to use note sheets as opposed to having the students fully write out the notes for each chapter. I have been able to teach my cooperating new things, and give them new ideas. Some of the frustrations that I had experienced were disruptive students, who I struggled to get engaged in my lessons. I felt inadequate because I began to believe that I could not perform as well as my cooperating teachers. I had forgotten that they had more experience in this

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