My Dad Created A Safe Haven For Me

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A baby bird must learn how to flutter their wings in order to fly, but in my case it has taken my nineteen years and counting!
When I “hatched” my dad created a safe haven for me. He was born in a little pueblo in Mexico and migrated to California when he was sixteen. My dad lived in a garage along with his parents and four of his younger siblings until he graduated high school and attended Cal State Fullerton University where he met my mother. They had me a year after they married. They both successfully jugged their responsibilities achieved their goals of graduating, get finically stable jobs and providing a better life for me.
We lived in Anaheim, California it was an amazing place! My childhood home was great. The backyard was big, we had exotic fruit trees, and the park was just down the street! My favorite tree was our orange tree I was allowed to climb it limbs and sway of the branches cautiously. We also lived nearby great amusement parks such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City, and Adventure City. I loved going to Adventure City with my dad. There were hardly any long lines and we repeatedly got on a bumpy rollercoaster. My dad also chose this location because of the school. I actually loved being a Husky! My favorite teacher had a petting zoo in her class; there were lizards, snakes, tortoises, birds and so much more. Every year she hosted an animal exhibit where students and families can pet and learn about those amazing creatures!
My dad made sure

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