My Daily Trip to the Library

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It was warm summer day. The kind of day where you sit out in the sun and read a good book. Not only does reading enhance my already robust vocabulary further, but gives me a chance to explore a whole different kind of world. My parents antiquated rules don't allow me to go out very much or hang out with friends because they're so strict. All they do is watch Dr. Oz and whatever Dr. Oz says goes. They are the biggest advocates for Dr. Oz. On one of his episodes he suggested a curfew for teens, so what did my parents do? They gave me a curfew. I do not have great enmity towards my parents but I do get very frustrated with them. Typically, people describe me as eccentric due to lack of friends and articulate because I read a lot. Okay enough about me, so back to the reading... I was making my daily trip to the library. But today was different and I could sense it from the start. Usually I go into the section titled Young Adults but today I went to the Mystery section. On an ordinary day, I usually am very fastidious about my books. Today marked a new day, a new day when I would start to expand the genres I read. I pranced throughout the pervasive bookshelves looking at the Nancy Drew books which have received great notoriety but none of them seemed to catch my eye. I thought to myself "I want to read something different! Some sort of phenomena!" Having been interested by the books, I lost track of time. Somehow I managed to miss the announcement saying "Everyone evacuate the
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