My Decision Of Hiking Towards Camp

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I was already miles down the trail before I began to second guess my decision of hiking towards camp. It had been years since I had done something challenging and wanted to prove to the men, that were waiting for my arrival, of my strength. The weather had grown colder and the snow continued to fall with every step I took. Several times I had licked my lips, forgetting the low temperature, and would instantly feel the saliva hardening into ice. Prior to the hike, a man offered a hospitality ride from the nearest hotel due to the upcoming weather drop and lack of phone connections along the path. I was told I would not be able to reach any type help, which I felt was an insult to my masculinity, for another nine miles and by then I would …show more content…

Without thinking about how I should be careful also because that could very well happen to me, I felt the ice beneath me crack and my feet, unable to move, becoming engulfed in the piercing water. Irritated and quickly noticing the frigidness of my body, I decided it was time to take a break, start a fire, and enjoy it’s warmth. I placed my boots and my bare feet near the fire in an attempt to dry them.
The first fire was a success, so I thought to myself, “This one will be no different.” I was wrong. The first time, the fire was put out by snow falling from a branch above him. The second time, the fire was almost a success but was ruined by the loss of feelings in my hand as I tried to build its flame. Now discourage, I begin to focus on my unfortunate luck and lack of company. Of course, the dog was a nice companion, but deep down I felt uneasy about its intentions. Is it simply lonely? Was it out looking for food when it stumbled across me? Wait. That thought gave me an idea. What if I killed the dog for a source of food but more so for the warm its body held? Other countries eat dogs. It wouldn 't be a completely morbid act to commit. I pondered on this thought, growing restless and uneasy at my body and its ability to withstand the cold. At the beginning of the trip, I thought nothing of the dangers enduring the harsh weather would entail, but seeing the effects it had on my body I knew that if I did not reach camp in the next hour the results

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