My Experience At School

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It was a good day, woke up early so i could go to the gym and warm my body up and just to get some practice in. Went home to my mother making breakfast as usual, started to get my things together for school like usual made sure I had all my books, computer and pencils. When I got to school it felt just like a regular day went to class like always i didn't have any test so that was a big load off. As it got closer to the end of the day the more nervous I started to feel I started to feel worried, nervous and scared but I did not know why I knew I was gonna be fine. It was an unusual feeling it was like my heart was feeling those emotions but in my head it was totally different i wasn't scared or nervous not even worried. It was my last class of the day the whole class i wasn't even focused on what was going on more on what was about to happen later. The bell rang school was over, it was time for tryouts. Everyone met up where we were supposed to and changed. When you walked in the gym all you hear is balls bouncing and see people moving around, as I start to walk I notice the wood floor was freshly polished. The coaches get us all in a circle and start giving the same speech they do every year about how it's going to go and what is going to happen. As the speech ends we get into groups and do stretches before we officially start, everyone line up into three groups the coach says we start to do a three man weave basic stuff you learn when you're in first grade. It started

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