My Experience In Canada

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Ever wonder what walking the Great Wall of China would be like? Ever dreamed of feeling the fresh cold air of Canada? What's it like eating baguettes in France next to the Eiffel Tower? Traveling is a popular dream among all of us, and making it a reality is a great learning experiences! I visited Canada in April of 2017, and had a personal emotional attachment to the culture and the whole environment, and the people I traveled with could say the same. Traveling is truly the most exciting part in a person's life because it makes their dreams of meeting different cultures a reality and gives them perspectives of seeing the world differently.

Traveling is an exciting learning experience. When people want to learn a different language, traveling a different country will tremendously help them learn it. People usually learn their first language by hearing it all the time by their family. When foreigners go to a different country, assimilating to the language is much easier if they continue to hear it. When I visited Canada, and heard Canadian French on the radio, in the streets, and in their music, it felt wonderful that I could understand what they were saying and it made it easier actually processing the beautiful language. I always wondered why I couldn't learn French that well in the United States of America, it's because I was so used to hearing English all the time. This proves that traveling helps people learn languages better because hearing that second language all

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