My Experience In High School

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One of the most successful experiences I have had in my previous years in school was taking nine science credits in four years. This might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but when you consider that the requirement to graduate from most schools is three it takes on a little more weight. The reason I did this was that I want to be a doctor and that drives me to learn as much about science as I can. My top strength from the Gallop test was empathy, this helped me to get nine science credits in that my empathy partly drives my desire to be a doctor. While taking the science classes taught me a lot that will be helpful in my profession, it also taught me how to study and manage my time wisely.

One experience I had in high school that I could have handled better was my junior year pre-calc class. I had struggled through Algebra II over the summer online so when I began pre-calc I was already behind. I struggled through the first semester of the class barely managing a C because I was too stubborn to go to ask my teacher for help. If I had gone to my teacher the first semester I would have been able to earn a higher grade, but also be more prepared for Calculus my senior year. I learned not to be afraid to ask a teacher for help because the reason that they became a teacher was to help their students.

Based on my four years in high school, I need to learn how to communicate better with my teachers. This will help me to understand concepts better, but also to build a

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