My Experience In High School

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Right now I am a freshman taking both honors Biology and English. I have actually never thought about not taking honors classes before I was even in high school. I guess it has always been assumed that I would be taking honors classes and harder classes. It’s something that my parents have talked to me and my sibling about when we were little so that it could be a goal for us. The high school is different, but in a good way. We have longer passing periods, longer classes (so you can finish more work) and more opportunities such as clubs, more sports, and different classes.
The sports I’ve chosen to play are tennis and swim. As a matter of fact, I just bought a new tennis racquet today. It’s a Babolat Pure Strike. I like it a lot because I’ve been using someone’s and I finally bought one and it’s green which makes it cool. I went to the dentist yesterday for a consultation for braces and it turns out that I’m getting them in a week. I’ve concluded that I need to eat all the food that I won’t be able to eat when I have my braces on for the next seven days. My favorite book is not one certain book, but the classic book series: Harry Potter. My friend’s books that I’ve read and liked are Fangirl, and Eleanor and Park. My favorite music groups right now are The Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons. I’m in a phase of liking Tom Odell because it’s somewhat calm music so it’s perfect to fall asleep to. My favorite movie is the always classic, Dan in Real Life. I don’t have a favorite tv

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