My Experience In High School

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“Lillie, can you tell me how enzymes work?” asked Ms. Cunningham.
I snapped into reality, seeing an annoyed woman standing in front of me with her arms crossed. I wasn’t paying attention, so I just sat there not knowing the answer. “Maybe you should pay more attention and not doodle on your paper. This is your last warning! If it happens again, you will have detention. Pay attention!” She walked back to the front of the class and continued teaching…. “Emily, do you know where Lillie is?” Danny asked. Danny is one of the leaders of our group. He is never afraid to say what is on his mind. He is my fantasy version of Zack, who is one of the popular people at school. I have had a crush on him since seventh grade.
“No. The last time I was with her was over at Headquarters, when Lillie, Nicole, and I went there to grab our new mission folder,” Emily replied.
Emily is the other leader of our group. She keeps us organized, on track, and make sure we do not do anything wrong. She is my fantasy version of Tori, who is one of my best friends at school. She helps me through the difficulties of high school, but she does not know about my crush on Zack.
“She told me that she would be late today,” Nicole stated.
Nicole is one of the peacemakers of the group, the other is me. She helps keep everyone together and make sure no one argues or anything else like that. She is my fantasy form of Alice, who is my other best friend at school. Since very religious people raised her. She can

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