My Experience In High School

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After 3 years of crawling my way up from the bottom and finally reaching the top, I’d say that I’ve learned quite a bit about the ins and outs of high school. I remember being a freshman, looking at all the seniors and thinking, “I know way more than these people give me credit for”, but over time, I realized that I knew about as much as they thought I did, which was nothing. I wish that I could go back in time and give myself some advice. No matter what situation I was in, I would try to impress the upperclassmen, even though they were only a couple years older than me and probably didn’t care. I would try to do things in a cool way, and inevitably mess up, because being cool isn’t my forte. I craved attention from my schoolmates, and I was willing to do quite a lot to get it. This never included acting out, but there were a lot of lies, mean jokes, and at one point I drank honey mustard, so it wasn’t exactly a healthy thing. I needed to learn that no one cares, in the best way possible. We are all our own individual people, with our own unique lives, and none of us will ever entirely understand anyone else. So when I see a kid running through walmart in a snuggie shouting, “SHRIMP! HEAVEN! NOW!”, I just laugh and move on with my life. He’s happy, I’m happy, and neither of us really care. Freshman year, I made a huge mistake. I joined the Cross Country team without another friend to help me through it, and so I ran for 3 months without talking very much, just trying to

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