My Experience In My Life

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Stomp,stomp,stomp!That's all that the 12 year old boy David Henry heard day after day. That’s because he was shipped with his Dad to the military. Then one day on the ship that the Army likes to call the submaripper. It was called the submaripper because the ship was 40 acres in total and could sink a ship by just ramming into it. Another 12 year old boy came to David who was quietly waiting for any excitement below deck. He said his name was Tanner and like David his mom was shipped to the military.
They quickly became friends and started talking. Tanner said, “He always wanted to be a professional basketball player and wanted to go to the hall of fame.” But one day the government came and took him and his mom away from the rest his family.
Then David started thinking “Wait I just realized” he said. “I don’t really remember meeting my mom.” “Really Why do you think that,” said Tanner. “Well I was taken away at the age of 3 and now I feel like there’s so much more to my life. “Like was my mom rich and lived in a mansion or went on crazy adventures all the time?” “After I was 7 my Dad finally told me how we got to the Army.” “I guess I’ve been sad and angry lately.”
Then he told Tanner how he wanted to be a comedian. He said that he was really good at making his school friends laugh and wanted to make people around the world laugh too. He said he even thought about making a radio station for nothing, but comedy.Then the general comes down and says to the boys “Load

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