My Experience In My Life

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As I walked to my cold seat at my desk, I stared at the teacher who was lecturing us, I was in a trance of wandering thoughts.Had this reverse in my life's polarity really benefited me? I noted it to be a mixed blessing. Why had God put me in this funny position anyway? I sometimes felt so alone in what I was going through. My classmates just can't understand what's been going through my life.To them my change in character meant very little or practically nothing. I have already felt completely isolated once in my life.

A steady stare at Mrs. Marks, given as a warning, broke me out of trance. I acknowledged my error and allowed the class to proceed. That didn’t mean I had to correct it. I put my head down out of her line of sight and slipped back into deep thought .I was beginning to feel very humble.But that was then, and this was now. One cannot just break out of these things and return to the practical,worldly thought overnight. I noted that during the past few months, many newly social rings had either been established or had collapsed; this was because of my new way of perceiving life and the actions that I took to comply with my new views and their assertions. God knows that the past few months had been very stressful. Fortunately, the loneliness that I felt was not completely negative; it made me feel good about myself, thinking that perhaps God saw me as good and true in heart and soul, therefore granting me this gift early in my life. But the problems that

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