My Experience With A Lifeguard At The Winner City Pool

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In my eighteen years of my life, this summer has surely been the most memorable. It was filled with countless wonderful memories during these past three months. This summer was filled with loads of amusement, excitement, nerves, and sadness. Summer started one week early, however, other than that it was to an extent, the same as the other summers. I spent a vast deal of my time working, with my friends and family, and in the gym. This year marked my fourth year working as a lifeguard at the Winner city pool. Each year I have worked, we only jumped in for kids around three times the entire summer, and this year we jumped in over ten times. I jumped into the deep side of the pool, which is twelve feet deep and grab a little boy who started sinking after he jumped off the diving board. It was not strenuous for the sake of him being light and I could just grab his arm and pull him to the ladder, however, it made me insanely scary, and I was a little shaken up afterwards. Also, this year I accomplished my third year of private swimming lessons. Usually I teach around ten to twelve lessons a summer and this year I doubled that and had twenty-seven kids for lessons. Scheduling lessons this year was not effortless, in consideration of working at the pool and teaching kids basically consumed my summer. This past summer was comparable to the past summers. I was with my friends and family tons. Sunday nights were the nights my friends and I would drive to the outdoor movie theater,

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