My Experience With The Common Kings Concert

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It was just your average beautiful Saturday morning. Waking up that morning I had the intention that it would be just a good, chill, laid back type of day. I go to unlock my phone and notice my phone going crazy with texts. My friends all decided to go to a concert. Not any ordinary concert, the Common Kings concert. Common Kings was the type of band that made the feel good type of music. Every time I would turn on their station my heart fills with happiness. With no time to think, I immediately go to check their site if it was sold out show. My heart pumping with excitement, I go to see that there are still tickets available to purchase! I quickly inform my dad about this and he seemed to be just as excited as I was. With a solid hour or two to get myself put together, I anxiously go and grab my phone and put their station on blast. In that moment my heart was racing with such excitement. I quickly hop in the hot steamy shower belting out to one of my favorite songs by them. In no time I was ready for one of the best nights of my life. At around five in the evening my friends came by to pick me up. I said all my farewells for the night to my family, hopped in the car, and we drove off. I couldn’t even explain my happiness level. I was on cloud-nine. Belting out to the whole album on the way to the venue, we drive through the beautiful city of roses. Roaming past the dazzling skyline Portland has to offer, it makes me really appreciate the moment right then and there. To…

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