My Experiences With Disability And Disability

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My Experiences with Disability
Disability is prominent in our society and it is important that we live and work in communities that are inclusive to those with limitations, and provide necessary supports to them. As a young adult I have learned and experienced more about disability than when I was younger. I have gained the most knowledge about disability through university classes, but there have also been times growing up where I encountered individuals with various disabilities, either through sports or school. Before I learned about disability and was aware of inclusive and accessible spaces, it was not something I spent much time thinking or asking questions about. Once I was educated on what it means to have a
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In this regard, it is beneficial for a child to receive education on what it means for a person to have a disability and how others can respond appropriately and not with fear or negatively. To explain disability, it is important to consider 3 different definitions, disability, impairment and handicap. As well, when teaching younger kids about disability it would be beneficial if they were taught how to be accepting of those who act, look or talk differently than they do. On the other hand, a child may not recognize a PWD to be physically or mentally different from them, therefore they would continue to treat them as everyone else. This mind-set is helpful when thinking about disability, because whether or not you perceive someone to have a different functioning level than you, it is vital to treat them with the same respect as everyone else.
As I grew up I continued to have more interactions with PWD as well as ask more questions about the concept of disability. I remember participating in recreational sports with other kids that had differences, such as a child with a cochlear implant, or a child with an intellectual disability. I never remembered these kids being discriminated against or excluded in games, but I also was not overly attentive to how others treated them, or the differences in their playing ability. Other experiences I had with kids with disability, includes one young girl who went to my elementary school,

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