My Fairy Dream

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I grew up in a world full of fairy tales and Disney characters. My parents who were trying to find a way to distract my 5 years old mind turn on the tv, and there I was admittedly taken on a journey to a magical place where I was safe in the knowledge that every ending is “happy-ever-after.”(this is an extended metaphor where I compare Disney to the real world I used this to show the reader how I thought the world was as happy and perfect as Disney and television makes them out to be). I soon came to the realization that the world is not so happy after all.
I got out of the car and walk into the doors of my new school, I was like Nemo when he got taken away from his home and got put into a completely new environment, (I use this simile to compare how nervous and scared I was going to a new school.) I continue to be hopeful and started to introduced myself to everyone, I was lucky enough to find my best friend in that class, but not everyone was as welcoming as she was to me, I started to notice that people were being really distance from me, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And then during recess, I overheard a conversation from a group of girls in my class, “did you see the new girl she has the thickest accent ever, she must be really stupid.” Everything around me stops and my body was a statue (This is a metaphor explaining how I felt when I found out that my accent was the thing limiting people from seeing my true capabilities). Right then and there my perfect

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