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Every aspect of life plays an important role to my life, as I continue to understand about myself. Throughout the process of gathering informations about the three generations of my family, I have learned many new information regarding myself. Sometimes these information can become severe as the time passes, which can change my life in many different directions. With this being said, cancer and diabetes can play an important role in my life, according to my family genome. There are many aspects to genetics that can affect how a person is developed throughout their life. My development is due to my family’s values, beliefs, genetics, and traditions.
My family’s tradition, values, and beliefs has been passed down from generations to …show more content…

I have known that many Hmong woman has taken the route of taking care of their families and not furthering their education. This turning point in my life have developed many traits that I have today: respect, courage, leadership, and hard-work. These character traits have shaped how I view the purpose of life.
My development throughout the years are from my family, friends, and experiences. My family affected my development by the traditions, values, and beliefs. By surrounding myself with positive people have helped me to become positive and continue to strive for success. And my experiences during the process of following my goals has affected me in multiple ways. For example, my parents who follows Hmong traditions believes that I should not continue my education in nutritions rather than take care of the family. This negative belief have motivated me to continue and follow what my passion is and do the unthinkable. As the time passed, my parents begin to realize that I am working hard on a goal that motivated me to mentally grow. With this being said, the result of this experience have shown me that I am in control of my life.
Although, my development of my beliefs and values were drastically influenced by my experiences, genetics also plays an important role in my development. The three generation family genome has made me aware of my health factors that can impact my future. These factors can be diabetes or cancer, since my

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