My Family : My Father 's Voice

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It was a sunny afternoon, after school, towards the end of my seventh-grade school year. When I came home and walked through the door, I went to the table to start doing my homework. About five minutes in, there was another unfamiliar family ready to walk out of my house. I thought nothing of it. Maybe it was just some family friends of my parents and they were here to help with something. I was in the midst of working on math homework when my dad called my sister and I into the other room. Both my parents were in another room, paying bills. I remembered this because they had told me to keep quiet. At first, I thought, I was about to be grounded. Typically, my sister and I are only called together because she had told on me for something. I was prepared for the usual “Leave your sister alone” talk. Except this time, my father’s voice was not angry. It was more sad, almost expressionless. My sister was the first to walk into the other room, myself following behind. “Sit down, we need to tell you something important.” My mom was sitting next to him, so then I knew whatever I was about to be told was something serious. Short after my dad said this, my sister followed with saying, “Is Anthony in trouble?” “Shut-up, Kristina,” I said angrily. “No, neither of you are in any trouble,” said my mom. Before I had any time to ask her why I was here if I was not in trouble, she said “Dad had just lost his job.” I didn’t know what to say, but instead I just sat there, thinking in my…

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