Essay on My Fate was Sealed

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I woke with a start at the sound of rumbling thunder. Rain patted on the roof lightly, but the sky was violent with roaring clouds. I couldn't remember the past night, mostly because it had been the same as the past few months: bleak and lifeless. I couldn't remember the last time I had left my house, oh wait, yes I could. But I try not to think about that anymore. My body felt stiff and sore from laying in bed all day, but I was used to the feeling by now. I regestered that it was late in the morning, and my hand automattically went up to my face, wiping away the dried tears from the previous night. I no longer had dreams of death. My dreams were much worse these days. The memories played through my mind on repeat through out the …show more content…

I couldn't bring myself to stop thinking what I was thinking. The decision was already made, and I suppose it has been made since the moment he decided to leave me on my own. I slowly opened the window, careful not to make a sound, then climbed out. The air was cold, but it felt nice. The smoke of the chimney rose from the brick channel, evaporating imminently upon contact with the chilled air. A frozen breeze swept against the surface of my skin, chilling me to the bone. I shuddered and pulled my knees closer to my chin. My cold arms around wrapped around my bare legs, not caring enough about my current self being to regret wearing nothing but a sly pair of shorts and tank top out in this weather. My eyes followed the clear droplets as they fell down to earth, touched my skin, then vanished, which most things in my life seemed to do. Morning would approach soon, meaning the occupants of my once home would awaken soon, noticing my absence when they're sure to check in on me, just as they always do first thing. They thought I'd been asleep all those times they'd sneak into my room at the crack of dawn. They didn't know that I knew they would wait, watching for my breathing, making sure that I was still alive. They thought I hadn't heard them quietly enter my room during the nights, watching me, switching off between my mom, Aunt Christie, and even David. They didn't know that I had felt their eyes on me all

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