My Fatefully Day: A Short Story Essay

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The incessant ring of my phone is really getting annoying. I came out from the bath tub and wrapped myself with a towel. I slowly walked out of the bathroom, afraid of slipping. I safely made my way out of the danger zone and grabbed my phone to silence it. Not that I don’t like Young Bae’s voice but it gets tiring hearing the same thing over and over again. I took it to myself to finally change my alarm tone. Normally Bae would change it for me. I smiled sadly. There was a message from him saying that he’ll return late from Japan after his tour. I didn’t reply. It’s a norm for him. I’m not the text kinda person. I checked the news and saw there was a celebrity scandal. “BIGBANG’S TAEYANG CAUGHT COMING OUT OF THE HOTEL WITH GIRLS …show more content…

Hmmm. 10 o’clock in the morning. The club would be deserted by now. I walked in and saw a few newbies slouched by the bar. My slippers, making flopping sounds roused the curiosity of many. I could hear the whispers. “Who is that? Why is she walking like she owns the place?” I practically found this club with Jay. Duh. I still have a share of this place though. I mean Club Ellui is the IT club. So I have a steady stream of money flowing in my account every month. “Where is Jay?” I asked loud enough so that everyone hears me. A dude with sunglasses pointed to the door that says BO$$. Typical Jay. I just went in and saw a girl on top of Jay. Kissing him roughly and… I don’t want to know what she was doing under the covers with her hand. I turned around and shouted. “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!” The girl quickly scrambled out of the room while wearing her clothes. I sighed. He got dressed. “You can turn around now.” I turned. Oh, it’s you! I thought it was someone else! How have you been? Wait why are you here? He’ll bust my ass I he finds out you’re here.” He panicked. “He wouldn’t care anyway. Didn’t you read the news? Of course you didn’t you were busy doing-“ “Yes. Yes. Now let me check. Seriously, after all these years, you never change and did you get a Bachelor in nagging?” I smiled. Jay too hasn’t change one bit. “Hmmmmm. OH MY GOD. Now I know why you’re here.” I cocked an eyebrow at him. “Can I have my job back?” I looked at him with my puppy eyes.

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