My Father Of The Colonoscopy

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In the year 2012, my father-in-law was having some pain in his side and abdomen, but because the pain would come and go, he ignored it and blamed it on his career as a mechanic which required strenuous manual labor. As time went on, the pain continued to worsen, but he put off any tests because he was about to turn 50 and knew he would be going in for a checkup at that time. In 2013 he went in for his routine colonoscopy, but we could have never prepared ourselves for how this test was about to affect all of our lives. My father-in-law was nervous the day of the colonoscopy because the pain in his stomach had worsened when he had to flush out his system before the test could be completed. The doctors assured him that this was normal for most everybody who had to go through this process, and they seemed very optimistic about the way the results would turn out. Once the procedure was complete, the doctors informed us that everything had gone well, but they did find multiple masses in his colon that they had taken samples of and had sent to pathology to have tested. We were instructed not to worry since this could be nothing, and they would contact us as soon as they had the results. About a week later we received the good news that his tests had come back negative, and that he was healthy. We all went along with our lives until nine days later when my mother-in-law received a voice mail stating that they needed to call the doctors back immediately. They called the

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