My Father Was An Active Member Of The Marine Corps Essay

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When I was growing up, the only family I had was my mom and her side of the family. My father was not a big part of my life at that point in time, and our relationship has suffered because of it. For the first four years of my life, my father was an active member of the Marine Corps. His absence in my life impacted our relationship since we never had a chance to connect, and I don 't think we ever recovered from that. We’re on good terms now, but we don’t have any special connection like my mom and I do. The two of us were never close, we never see eye to eye, and we can barely hold a conversation that lasts longer than five minutes. My mom was seventeen when she had me, so we lived with her parents for almost the first six years of my life. My grandparents were like a second set of parents for me, and they did everything for me. My father had asked my mom to be with him and move down to South Carolina, but my mom was so young and afraid to leave for many reasons. After my father was discharged from the Marines, he moved back to Grand Rapids to be with my mom. In April of 2004, they were married. Since then, my relationship with my father has improved and his presence in my life brought about positive changes. Looking back now, I can see what aspects of my life has improved since then. When I entered high school, I began taking psychology courses where I learned about the psychology of topics like love, relationships, birth order, etc. One of the things I

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