My Favorite Family Vacation

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Have you ever been on a favorite family vacation? I have, and my favorite family vacation is when I went Wisconsin and Illinois to see my niece Karina, my step sister Missy, my Aunt Rena and Uncle Tommy. Before we left we had a lot to do my parents took our dogs to this ladies house that was taking care of our dogs while we was gone. Next my parents drop my brother and I off at my grandparents house to visit them before we left while they picked up the car we are going to drive. It took forever to leave but we finally did.
First thing we did was go to Wisconsin to see my niece and my step sister. It took nine hours to get there and on the way we stopped in Chicago. There was a little mall over the road it was really cool it had everything the a mall it even had a little park and a argade room. When we finally got Wisconsin, they greeted us and let us in the apartment. Soon after we arrived, we had dinner together and to my surprise, it was tacos, which is my favorite. After dinner my niece and I was in the room that me and my family was staying in, by are self I gave her my gift for her. It was a locket necklace she loved it, but she could not wear it because it has a gold chain because it makes her break out but now she can because she has a silver chain. The next day we had planned to have a fun day at the lake, but it rained so we just went to go see the lake. We walked around the park around the lake we saw a lighthouse, there was a rock bridge and a little island

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