My Favorite Game Of Basketball

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Have you ever wondered if moments in time were connected in any way? At some point in life, do you look back and wonder if small moments in time led up to one awesome event that you were born to experience? As I ponder over my love for the game of basketball, I think of three events that produced the exact same feelings of excitement, fear, and anxiety. I can remember feeling all three emotions leading up to these memorable events. Despite the range of emotions that I named above, I mostly remember the feeling of pride. In fact, I’ll call these events my three dimensional proudest moments.
Back in January of 2011, when I was ten years old, I played my last game of recreational basketball for the Bulloch County Recreation Department. My team was loaded with great shooters, including me. But we had one great skill that none of the other teams had developed, we could drive to the basket and score! How did this happen one might ask? Well, someone in the Bulloch County Recreation Department had the awesome idea (as I smirk) to not allow the defense to come outside of the 3-point line. Staying behind the arc to play defense in very unrealistic and it gave so many young players a false sense of efficacy. Guess what happened? Yes, all the young players began taking 3-point shots and not driving to the hoop. With few misses from layups and occasional 3-point shots, we won the championship game by double digits. It was my first major championship win. I had about 30 points, 15

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