My First Day Of High School

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First Days The first day of anything is always filled with the unknown. New surroundings, a new environment, and of course new faces. These simple changes can drastically intimidate a person, and cause feelings of anxiety. This is how my first day of high school felt. High School the birthplace of maturity, and lifelong friendships. It was a pleasantly sunny August day in the city of Bakersfield. For me the day was nowhere near pleasant. However as it was my first day of being a ninth grader, or a freshman as they would say, the feelings of anxiety flourished inside of my body, as if billions of butterflies were in my stomach. I arrived at my high school around six in the morning, I was amazed with the vast area around the school, and then became very intimidated as I saw crowd of students in front of the cafeteria. I turned to my mother who is a very understanding person and said, “I don’t want to get out of, the car can I stay here?”. My mother replied with “You said the same thing with Junior High, it will be fine text me what time you get off.”. With that I made my way toward the crowd. The school itself was huge it had a center of grass and benches surrounded by various buildings whose name I did not know. When I reached the crowd I asked in a timid voice “Is this where we get our schedules?”. A student who exemplified the look of a senior said “Yeah, just wait in line the doors are gonna open soon.”. I waited for what then felt like hours, until a women

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