My First Disney Trip

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My first Disney trip was everything I imagined and more. Disney is the most magical place on Earth. Although I was scared to get on all the big rides I still managed to get on. I would stay calm in all of the lines, but whenever I saw I was about to get on the ride I would get the biggest knots in my stomach. On Tower of Terror, I was very close to crying, but I got through it. A very scary ride is Space Mountain. It was like I wanted to start balling out crying, but it was just tears falling out of my eyes. I also hated big drops at the time. The rides with big drops like Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain made me lose my stomach. My favorite roller coaster is Rockin Roller Coaster. Rockin Roller Coaster is a fast loopy loop ride, but it’s very smooth and easy going. I do not like jerky rides like the primeval whirl that jerks you every which way.
There are also 4 parks to go to in Disney. There is Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom because there is more to do there, but I like the other ones too.
I also love the food at Disney World. They have the best fries ever. Their ice cream is also amazing. There is this ice cream called Pine Apple Dole Whip and it is the best you’ll ever taste. The best restaurants at Disney is Cosmic Rays, Dino-Bite, and, Casey’s Corner. I always get fries and chicken tenders.
One of the things I love about Disney is the memories we make with family and friends.

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