My First Experience At Giving Birth

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My First Experience at Giving Birth

Life seemed to have ended just as it was starting. One of my greatest wishes in life was to become a mother, a nurturing, caring, patient, self gratifying responsibility. Every time I interacted with people and every time I saw other ladies with their sons and daughters, I admired to be like them because I love children.

However, I did not know the kind of journey that was ahead of me because I thought giving birth was just an easy task. And before realizing that I was pregnant, I was so nervous because I thought something might have been seriously wrong with me. For days I had been throwing up and I couldn’t pin point the reason why, although I did miss my …show more content…

Although it was a hard decision to make I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing.

During my pregnancy I felt like a queen and everyone in my family was very supportive. However, my joy suddenly turned into sadness as time elapsed and my expected delivery date was drawing near. During pregnancy, I was very careful in everything I did to protect my unborn infant. I kept imagine the kind of joy my unborn child would bring me and my child 's father after giving birth. I even visited a nutritionist for advice on the type of diet I should intake because I did not want to compromise the delivery of my unborn child in any way. So I followed the doctors orders which was to take my prenatal vitamins every day as well as my iron pills three times a day and avoid any strenuous activity such as exercising / lifting anything heavy. I also became more cautious in the things that I ate because some of the fish that I was eating contained mercury which could have be harmful to my unborn child, and eating hot sauce was giving me heart burn and indigestion. Besides that, all sweets that I had been eating was making me gain and excessive amount of weight which was causing my ankles to swell. So I cut out all the unhealthy food that I was eating because my aimed was to make sure that nothing would prevent me from having a safe delivery.

At the time I tried not thinking about having my first child at seventeen

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