My First Marking

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When my report card gets home im one-hundred percent sure that my mom is going to open it. Because that is what she does all the time. This first marking period I didn't do so great so im sure that my moms face is going to be the face of disappointment. They will be pretty mad about the grades and sad. They will probably tell me to give them my phone or that im moving schools. They wouldn't be pleased with the grades. Im sure that I might give them some excuse about why I got that grade and how im going to try to do better next marking period. Then they will answer with the same old story about why they work and that I will never understand and that I will keep on getting bad grades. But then soon enough like in 3 days it will be forgotten …show more content…

My dad hes really serious about me failing school because he didn't go to school. Ever since he was a child he had to work. He told me that every morning he would wake up take a shower and work on the fields. After that he would go to school smelling like cow and sweat. When school was done he would go home eat beans and tortillas and back on the field to work. There was no time for him to do homework. And for my mom well it wasn't quite the same because she was born in Jalisco which is a big beautiful city whereas my dad was born in a small village in La Palma, Michoacan. So my mom was able to go to school. But she went through hell while trying to cross the border she went through some hard stuff when crossing the border and she was very young. When she got here school wasn't a problem until she got older and was in highschool she made very poor decisions that made her not able to graduate from high school. And well my dad he went through hell also I don't know if it was worse then when my mom came because he never went into details about what he went through. But when my dad got here it was the same thing like Mexico work. He didn't go to school he started working there was no time for school. Hes been working most of his life. That's why I want to get a good career that I can make big money so I can provide my mom and dad a big house in Miami or Brazil or somewhere were they can

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