My First Night Was A Dream

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Today when I woke up I had wish last night was a dream, however when I asked mother it was not. I hade so many questions I was so confused, however I had to leave for school. School was not that greater either I got into an argument with my mean teacher and left the class and went to study hall. Then I got called down the office and had a big argument with the principle about my dad and me not facing the facts about my father. I couldn’t believe that she had the nerve to say these things that was truly mean. to me My father is coming home just not yet! Then the principle yelled at me for being a poor student, I really dislike him. When I got home Charles wanted to go make sure Ms. Whatsit was ok. I wasn’t too excited about it because I had just gotten home and I wanted to eat something and sleep. However, I went and on the way there we ran into Calvin O’ Keefe who was one of the bugs at my school but he came with us. We also invited him over to our house for super. When we got to the house I was surprised to see it was a haunted house. We want inside and seen Ms. Which who was using the stolen sheets to make goats. She had said Ms. Whatsit was fine but they were all busy and said the time was nor right and we need to leave. Witch only put more questions in my head, what does the time is not right mean! We got back to my house and mother allowed Calvin to stay for super. Which I was happy for because now I might make a friend. Calvin and me talked for a while and found

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