My First Shots-Personal Narrative

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Christmas morning 3 years ago I woke up extraordinarily early because it was Christmas. Walking into the hallway, I saw the Christmas tree all lit up with tons of presents under it all different shapes and sizes. I went to my brother’s bedroom muttering saying, “Hey wake up you sleepyhead.” Then we went downstairs and woke up our parents jumping on them. My mom’s growled “What time is it you bunch of crazy people?”
“It’s Christmas morning!!!” Slowly my dad rolls out of bed.
“You guys are crazy.”
“Why's that.”
“Getting up at 6:00 is for hunting season only.”
“No Christmas too.” As they got out of bed, all you could hear is moaning and groaning and bones popping slowly we walked out of there bedroom made a left turn and there was the beautiful …show more content…

I set my watch alarm for 10 minutes and sure enough at 9 minutes and 58 seconds, my dad got it assembled screwing it together and locking barrels into place. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I darted downstairs and came back up with a box of 22 shells. I went outside and just started shooting the tar out of some plywood. The first shot I felt this little vibration because it was the first shot. I then realized that i have to open the barrel again and but a new shell in it because it was only a single shot. As soon as I opened it the empty casing came shooting out and nearly hit me in the face. But on the second shot I actually lined up the sights and it shot way high I didn’t know why but it did. The second time that I opened the barrel i made sure it was pointed away from me because they were sorta hot when they came out. But it still felt awesome. But because it was a 22 there would be absolutely zero kick. So that's why when we got low on 22 shells i blamed my brother. But that thing had a 20 gauge barrel at first I could only shoot like 3 shells at a time because it was a short barrel. So they have more recoil and they can hurt like all get out. But know that i've gotten stronger so I can go through a whole box. That's when it starts getting expensive. Because I typically buy me shotgun shells in 100 round

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