My First Year of College Adventure

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Life as a young 19 year old college student may consist of many hours knowingly or unknowing on social networks. Social networks are a network of social interactions and personal relationships. They are a way for many individuals to stay connect to their friends and a way for people to entertain their self. Just recently I began to notice how much social media actually runs my life... It’s crazy how in the morning when I wake up and roll over and the first thing I reach for is my cell phone. After swiping to unlock my iPhone 5 and checking to see if I have any messages I click the light blue birdy app called twitter and then tell the twitter world good morning before I even put my feet on the ground. That’s not really a big deal but that goes and shows how a much of a habit social media can become. Throughout the entire day I do notice I am on and off social networks even scrolling threw my favorite app instagram during my class lectures. That was a problem for me…I decided I needed a change. Social media has become a distraction in my life and to me while trying focus. I became aware of the distractions social networks caused when I was trying to focus on my schoolwork. I decided to dedicate myself towards not using any social media apps for 1 month and I learned that life without social media has many beneficial consequences leading you towards a more focused and nature fulfilled life. I also learned how to manage my time while on social networks. I knew that I needed

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