My Freshman Year Of High School, I Wanted To Be An Occupational

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My freshman year of high school, I wanted to be an occupational therapist like my mother. I enrolled in all of the classes I needed. But with the extra class space, I decided to take some theater classes. I did not realize that this class would through my career plan out the door. I started out with acting classes because I thought that they would help me with public speaking. I then started to take technical theater classes. These classes have helped my creativity grow. Both the acting and technical theater classes have helped me obtain skills that will help me with my future career, whatever it may be.
I did not know that I had a problem with public speaking until the time came that I actually had to do it. I had to do a monologue in …show more content…

Sure, there would be actors, but they would just be sitting there naked in the dark reciting lines” (Moll). I took what he said to heart. It made me realize how much of a difference one job can make. In a way, theatre is an art form, getting to create an amazing show in a short time period. Mr. Moll was not an everyday teacher. Many would say that he teaching ways were unconventional, but I enjoyed it. “Dramatic arts shine with a compassion that makes us see beyond the suffering” (New York Times). During the trimester he announced that he was putting on a show and he needed technicians and actors. I tried out for both. The show was called I Hate Shakespeare; it was a mashup of multiple Shakespeare plays. I was given a small acting part and a technical job. I had to learn various skills in order to assist with building the sets, costuming, painting, and makeup for the actors. As a technician for a play, the cast of the show is counting on me to know what I am doing, and the director holds me to a high standard. Especially because I am acting as well. This meant that I needed to learn time management skills and how to improvise when something goes wrong. In addition, I learned how to work as a team with my classmates. When one person does not do their job, then the entire show falls apart. We have to rely upon and help each other. A play is like a puzzle, if a piece

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