My Goal In Life

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In the immediate future, I’m determined to finish high school while being in the top ten percent and go to college to further my education, and to become a physician. The goals I hope to have acquired soon are receiving scholarships and finding ways to pay for college because I know college is expensive. I don’t want my poor financial condition to impede me from obtaining the education I strive for. My ultimate goal in life is to positively impact the world as a doctor, but as a highschool student, I’m currently focused on my local community.
The aspiration for me behind pursuing in the medical field is not just for myself but to serve the community which has given me so many opportunities. Being the first generation of my family to attend college in America, I want to be able to have a career that will be beneficial for myself and others. My mother grew up in a rural part of Nepal where the society rejected the idea that women could have careers; instead, they believed women were created to stay home, so she never had the opportunity to go to school. However, my grandparents sent my father to school because they knew education would open more opportunities for him and improve the quality of life. It brings tears to my eyes listening to the stories my father tells us of his struggle days about how he had to literally cross a river to go to school every day. Growing up with my parents, my father, who went to school and my mother, who didn’t, I can clearly distinguish how

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