My Hero Is A Hero

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Many people have their own definition for a hero. For me, a hero is someone who always put others first and always there to help even when times might be hard for them. A hero is someone like Ed Young. My grandpa is my role model and someone I really look up to. Ed lives in Jamestown, ND and is always helping out the community and his neighbors even when he is going through difficult times. One of the times that he was really a hero was in the last few years when my grandma was very sick for years and when she passed away last fall. Those years were extremely hard on my grandpa, but he still managed to worry about all the people around him. My grandma, Kit Young, was diagnosed with Huntington's disease, a form of dementia, a few years back. For the first few years she was still ok and well enough to come to a few sporting events and family gatherings. The last three years of her life were very difficult her to be the person she once was and could no longer take care of herself. It was heart breaking to watch, but my grandpa stuck by her through it all and was always taking care of her. Even when she got to the point where she needed around the clock care, he refused to put her in a home and did whatever was necessary to help her out. When our family finally convinced him that it was too much for him to take care of alone and to send her somewhere she could get 24-hour medical attention, he was still there every day. My grandpa filled her room with pictures and worked

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