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l Classroom

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Overall, this paper attempts to draw a picture of “My Ideal classroom in my ideal school” based on professor John White’s saying that, “One aim of education is to unlock many doors, to acquaint young people with components of a flourishing life and to encourage reflection on them, the degree of value they contain, and to prioritize among them” (White 2007:39).

Globalization & the IT Invasion – Are we ready?
“The challenges that our knowledge Age brings to learning and education are great, but the promise of a new renaissance of learning and knowledge in our society is even greater” (Trilling and Hood, 2001:28).
The first step in educational reform is to recognize current and future trends brought upon by globalization and the knowledge revolution and its implications on world economies, the environment, communication, technology, health and finally education. Having entered the Knowledge Age, our response to each of these goals shifts dramatically, challenging our entire education enterprise (Trilling and Hood, 2001:9).
“Redundancy and volume of information, the emergence of new technologies in media; new forms of identity, both our own and those of the people that we teach, inter-act with and work with everyday; volatile economic environments and work places that require we be fancy on our feet and juggle knowledge and information; competitive environments that
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