My Imaginary Family

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When most kids are younger they have an imaginary friend, I, on the other hand had an imaginary sister, I would pretend to play with her all the time until my mom finally had a girl. I am the oldest of six and for four years I was the only child and I was tired of not having anyone to play with; I wanted a sister so bad I pretended to have one and I named her Suzy. We would do everything together and I would even share my toys with her. My mom later got pregnant with a girl and named her Suzy. I was the first born and I was also the first grandchild on my dad’s side, so I was very spoiled. My family lived with my grandparents at the time, so not only did I have unlimited time with my parents but also my grandparents. My mom said I was never on the ground, I was always held. Whenever we would go to the store I would play with the toys and my mom would tell me she would buy me the toy and I would say no and put the toy back. I loved when the kids my mom would watch would come over, I liked interacting with other kids and I also did not mind sharing my toys. I loved being the only child, but it started to get boring and I felt like something was missing. I found out what was missing was a younger sibling, specifically a little sister. I could not wait to play Barbies with her, do her hair, paint her nails, and just having someone I could talk to and play with, because mom and dad were getting boring. Every night and morning I would pray for a baby sister. Every chance I got I

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