My Life After The Age Of 11

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Nine years ago on December 4, 2013, approximately 3:12 pm, a truck three times the size of the small car crashed into the oncoming vehicle. This happened on a highway intersection in New York on a sunny, cold morning. One of the passengers, a girl at the age of 11, suffered the greatest out of the two other people included in the accident. That girl was me, Sawako Yori. After the accident that left me partially blind my life changed to a whole different level. To be honest at the age of 11, I never expected this to happen to me. There was nothing to look forward to anymore. Just blurred up shapes, blobs of color connected to each other, dark spots and light spots. During the first few nights at the hospital, I remembered crying for hours, until my eyes would burn. I didn 't want to accept the fact that I was partially blind, but reality was not agreeable.
Once I got discharged from the hospital, I noticed that I had lost a lot of weight. I stayed in my bed all day, barely ate and when I did, I would throw it up a few minutes after - my stomach just as lost as my thoughts.
Changing schools was another obstacle in my path. I was going to be transferred to a special school made for blind children in junior high, which was Springfield School for the Blind. I was going to stay there until 8th grade and from there I would enter a regular public high school. One important fact I noticed was that my friends from my old school never visited me after I got into the accident.…

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