My Life In College Essay

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College is a great opportunity that I am blessed to be going through today. I see it as an opportunity to grow as a person and set myself up for the future I want. The success I have in the future will be greatly affected by how I do in college. One person I personally know that inspires me a lot is my father. My father has always been very involved in my life and had a very positive impact on who I have become. He came to the United States when he was eleven years old with nothing. The English language was foreign to him and everything was being risked. The comfort of being in a place you have been all your life and having friends and family surrounding you was gone. Yet his parents knew this was what was best for him, so they brought him over. Things were not easy for my father and some of my family members either. They all lived crammed up in a one bedroom apartment. However, they were not discouraged. My father fought and fought for what he wanted to achieve. I admire him greatly because of how hard working he is. Everything he has accomplished today was thanks to his amazing work ethic. This is what really makes me want to be like him. If I am able to strive and fight like he did, especially with my studies, I have faith I will achieve all I want. In my life, there are things I value very highly. At the top of this list is family. You can have anything in this world, but without family, it is not worth it. Family are the people who love you, motivate you, comfort

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