My Life Of A Hero : My Hero

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When asked who my hero, it is hands down my grandma. With everything she had endured and still kept a smile on her face, makes me push forward and realize my life isn’t all that rough. When she was younger she was married to another man before she met my grandpa. During her first marriage it was cut short due to her husband passing away to cancer. Shortly after, she got diagnosed with cancer in one of her legs. They told her there was nothing she could do about it and more than likely would stay dormant. Not long after that, she met my grandpa, where they started dating and shortly after they got married. While being married to my grandpa there would be times that he would have to bring her in because of her cancer acting up in her leg and needed the attention, but she was always able to pull through and make it through just fine. There was one year that she lived in Florida for the winter just because the hard Minnesota winters made it tough on her leg. While away from her family for a whole year she decided to never do it again because it was too hard not being able to see use as much as she liked. There were many years that went by that there wasn’t a single bump in the road at all. She was living the dream life with my grandpa, while living on a lake retired and traveling all over the world. Then this past summer her brother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and there was nothing they could do to stop it. With him not being able to drive she would drive

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