My Neighbour Totoro Essay

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My Neighbor Totoro makes us question if it’s necessary to have an enemy or major conflict in order to make a great movie. Although some might have found this film strange due to simplicity and anti-climactic plot I believe that is what helped it become so popular around the world.
The film My Neighbor Totoro was one that was focused on the adventures that Satsuki and Mei took as they moved into a new home in order to be closer to their mother due to her being ill. “My Neighbor Totoro has become one of the beloved of all family films” (Ebert) the positive message that this film gives substitutes for not having that enemy or conflict other movies are so concentrated on. The Wizard of Oz has Dorothy, who needs to find her way back home In order to be safe and Finding Nemo has Nemo, who has to go through extreme measures in order to be back with his father, both examples of popular movies that used an enemy or bad situation in order to help create an exciting movie. Although My Neighbor Totoro did not have that aspect of danger as most other movies do, …show more content…

The children movies nowadays in America are filled with little bits and pieces of aggression and rebellious attitude, movies such as The Lion King and Moana are both great examples since a movie such as the lion king, was all about killing in order to survive. These films also promote a mentality where you do what you want, even if it is something that you are not allowed to do and these are movies that are extremely popular with children today. The positive and friendliness message My Neighbor Totoro gives throughout the whole movie is one you definitely want your kids to learn therefore this leads me to believe that this is one of the many reasons that My Neighbor Totoro has become extremely popular not only in Japan but in the entire

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