My Nepal Festival

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Splash. One second I could feel my body touching the surface of the water and the next second I was completely immersed in it. I went so deep I could feel the water pressure. Was I going to die? I moved my hands and feet vigorously as if a shark was chasing me. I wanted to get out, breathe a gulp of air and feel the air. I wanted to cry. With my eyes still closed and my heart beating rapidly all I did was shout, “help me, help me” but no one came. I was sure there were around 5 people out there who were supposed to save us. And even though I was there, shouting for help with all my might, no one approached me. I slowly opened my eyes and tada, there I was floating in the river (uI forgot I had air jacket on for safety) shouting for help and stamping my hand in the water. They must have thought I was crazy. Well, it was a beautiful, sunny morning. We were all having breakfast. As usual I was having toast with yak butter and sugar and I was talking with my Indian friend who came to visit us on her holiday. We were comparing the food, culture and language of Nepal and India. Even though most of the expressions, food, festivals, of both the countries are similar we have difference in the way we celebrate them. Our main festival is Dashain which is celebrated by receiving blessings and tika (made by red colour and rice) from elders, eating good food and wearing nice dresses. We like things to be quite and smooth. Whereas in case of Indian culture things get intense. They

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