My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke Essay examples

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In “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, was a great poem that can mean many different things to many different people of this world. To me I think it was just a boy who just wanted to spend time with his dad before he has to go to bed. The boy probably does not get to spend time with his dad that much. The father probably works all day and all week and this is the only time the boy gets to spend with him. Roethke use of words in this poem is amazing. The use of the words in this story can mean different things to the reader. The first word to look at is the word waltz. In the dictionary the word waltz is a dance for a fast triple meter song. This is just what the father is doing with his son but his is drunk and dizzy. “But I hung on …show more content…

An interesting thing about beat time on my head goes back to what waltz means. The father is dancing and to keep his rhythm he is patting the boy on the head. So now the father is putting his son to bed but he still holding on like death because he does not want him to go. In John J. McKenna scholar review of “My Papa’s Waltz” he reviews how Roethke had so much trouble writing this poem. McKenna says that Roethke tried to balance the light and the darkness in this poem. When the poem was first written it was about a girl and her father but change it to a boy because he wanted a little more roughness in his poem. He changes some words from the first couple of times he wrote it than the real publish one. Some of the changes were from a girl to a boy, when the boy scrapped his right ear was really the forehead at first, and also the battered knuckles were palms at first. Roethke changes the title of his work six times but he finally came back to the first title “My Papa’s Waltz”. His biggest struggle was to find out either to use Papa or father and waltz and dance. Ultimately he figures out what to use because it was a great poem. In Bobby Fong review of “My Papa’s Waltz” he looks at how other people looks at the poem. Fong is a teacher who looks at how his students came up with the answer that they came up with. Fong also reviews the light and the darkness of this poem where it is a seesaw battle between them. After that he starts looking at it from a personally

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