My Passion From A Common Spring

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We can say that Poe knew from a young age that he was different from other people. He knew that he was on the left side of the psychological plane while others were on the right. The things that made others happy, did not have the same effect on Poe. "My passion from a common spring" tells us exactly that when we read the poem. The passage tells us basically that while others thought more of the optimistic "bright side," he was sure to differ with his pessimistic thoughts. In the poem, Poe explains that since he was a child, there was something different about him; something "special." He didn 't view life as others did or did have the same interests as others. The line "And all I loved – I loved alone" reinforces that statement. He uses a series of symbolic metaphors to show that even in the good sense or the bad sense, he stayed the same. "From the depth of good and ill" gives you the indication of this. His judgment was never swayed from outside sources. For example, "From the torrent, or the fountain" gives you the positive and negative views of the element water. The positive as if it was something like a fountain and the negative as if it was something of a deadly storm. He used this to show that in both, he would stay true to who he was; that he was indifferent to the matter at hand. From lines 9 through 12, we can figure that Poe did not have such an easy childhood. "In the dawn," meaning at the very beginning of his life, there were certain events that made
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