My Personal Developmental Theory, Nature Vs. Nurture

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A lifespan model consists of identifying the interconnections between earlier and later events in ones life while specifying the biological, psychological and environmental factors that shape and influence development. My personal developmental theory consists of several tenets from theories such as, nature vs. nurture, systems and cognitive developmental theory. While there are many theories in lifespan development, and they are all relevant in the development of an individual I found these particular theories the most influential in my development.
Nature vs. Nurture From a biological perspective, nature vs. nurture plays a critical role in the development of an individual. Meaney (2010) states “The challenge within developmental psychology is that of understanding the operation of the genome and how the analysis of nucleotide-based variation can contribute to our understanding of individual differences in brain development and function at the level of cell biology, physiology, and emotional- cognitive states.” (p 45) Looking at the way genes play a role in personal development, it may become difficult to determine where physiology ends and influence from the environment begins. I believe that my genes and my environment have contributed in the development of who I am. I am made up of chromosomes from both my mother and father. I believe that my personality is a product of my temperament and my experience with the environment. Avshalom, C. (1995) states “ That early

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